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Saturday, August 1, 2009

A son critically injured, evacuated by helicopter, and expected to be left in a "non-responsive state"... The perfect setting for a miracle!

Thanks so much for all the friendly emails and miracle submissions - You guys rock! I knew there must be other people out there like me, who feel like a little bit of sharing can make an instrumental and exponential difference to the state of the world. And who are happy to utilise the miracle that is the internet to do something about it!

I'm quite new to Twitter, and '3 days new' to blogging (although it already feels like it's the best thing I've ever done! The human connections are amazing!) - Hopefully I will have this site streamlined very soon and make it easier to submit to, with the ability to submit names, and I'll get on top of all the Twitter activity and posts.

And I will definitely tweet and blog about about every single miracle submitted by post, comment, direct mail, email or other means. Big or small.

Many thanks to The Obidee for sharing the below tale of heart break, hope and miracles... Anything that gives others reason to hope and wish is a powerful tool for us all. Your writing style really puts readers right there with you, and I think the vibrational mystery that drives this universe will funnel the unlimited compassion of so many readers your way.

8:17am Saturday 22nd December 2007 is a moment that will be etched in my mind for as long as I live. I had been disturbed from a Saturday morning sleep-in by an incessant knocking on the door. I knew it too early for the Jehovah's Witnesses, so I was ready to tear strips off the young lad next door for disturbing my Saturday morning just so he could get his ball back.

I opened the door quickly and taking a deep breath was about to....when I was stopped in my tracks. Instead of the boy next door, whom I expected, there were two police officers standing before me.

My first thought was someone had complained about the old van that had been parked by the kerb in front of our home for about three weeks. But no...

"Are you...?"
"We here about your son, sir, crash....critical.....expect the worst" That was all I heard.

By this time my wife was by my side. She broke down and I helped her to a chair.

It turned out our son, who was still living at home but who had left for work had aquaplaned his van on the exit ramp from the freeway, hit the kerbing, tipped the van onto its side and slammed into a tree.

The roof of the van's cabin had been twisted down so that it encased our son from the chest up. It had taken an hour and twenty minutes to free him from the wreck.

His best friend, who was in the van with him sustained some internal injuries and was on his way to hospital by ambulance. He was going to be okay

Our son, however, had been critically injured, revived at the scene and evacuated by helicopter to the hospital where he was not expected to survive.

Although there were no physical injuries to speak of, he had sustained severe head injury both from lack of oxygen to the brain from a collapsed lung and the severe shaking he had received in the crash.

"The next forty eight hours are the critical period. If he survives that, he will probably be in a "non-responsive state."

My son, a vegetable at 19 years of age!!! I remember thinking at the time "he'd be better off dead."

Skip over a lot of heart ache, sitting in sterile rooms just waiting, rejoicing at the smallest signs of improvement, rehabilitation that seemed to go on forever, etc.etc. until today.

Our son is a walking, talking miracle. For all intents and purposes he is fully recovered. There is some residual brain damage that he may or may not recover given time, but we are so grateful to have our son alive and well.

The Obidee August 1, 2009 4:59 AM


The Obidee said...

Thank you so much for your comments, Luan. I know we,as a family, have been extremely blessed by the Universal Mind/Conscience so far and for that I am eternally grateful.
I keep trying to outdo the Universe, but you know what? The Universe is no-one's debtor!


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