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Thursday, August 6, 2009

One person's missing book is another one's extra

Thanks for this honest and stark miracle posted by Len Sone. We live in a generous universe, filled with generous people - and so many times the key is simply to ask.

And I totally agree that the solutions to all problems are possible, and easier than we think!! It's put very succinctly in a quote from Len's soul-charged Life Coaching website,
“Your action is responsible for but a minuscule part of what comes to you. Your thoughts and words (words are thoughts articulated) are the reason your life unfolds as it does.” Abraham

These are great words for us all to remember when we make the decision to actively go about 'thinking' or 'asking' miracles into existence in our lives.

At my last semester at college I was taking a class where we were required to read a number of books. I had bought this one particular book online but it never arrived even though shipping indicated that it had. The time when we would start reading the book was fast approaching and I was incredibly angry about not receiving my copy. I didn't have the money to order another copy, and yet I needed it for class. I clearly remember one day coming home, after being patient for about 2 weeks, and saying to God, very aggravated, "God, I am NOT going to buy another copy! So you figure it out! Find a way."
Well, the next time I went to that class, I happened to come 5 minutes early, and there was only one other classmate there. We started chatting, just usual stuff, but before I knew it I was telling her about how my copy of the book never arrived. And to my astonishment, she said, "You won't believe what happened to me! I received two copies of that book even though I only ordered one!"
So she was more than willing to give me one of her copies right then on the SPOT! And I was saved!
It was amazing to me how God had linked me up with exactly the classmate who had an extra copy. And by the way, we were not ordering these books through our class. We were all buying them individually from internet or bookstores. So this match was indeed a match made in heaven. It confirmed to me at that time how solutions to all problems are possible and easier than we think. God can see the solution that we can't.
- Len Sone, Life Coach

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

One day I let my dog, who is literally my best friend, out into the yard and she didn't return as normal. Searching the entire yard to no avail, I started to panic as it became obvious that a thief had taken her, unlocking and locking the gate behind them. All my friends came over and we started a methodological search of the neighbourhood with regular calls to every pound and vet. Hours and then days passed, and we filled the time by putting up hundreds of reward posters. My dog had a collar, contact phone number and microchip, and the police told us that chances were slim of having her returned if she hadn’t been already. We were told that she was either dead or stolen, and neither of those scenarios would see us get her back. After a week I sat amongst her dog toys and started to pray. I had never felt such heartache before, and I swore I would do anything if only somehow I could have her returned to me.
The miracle is that right that second the phone rang –
By complete luck, about a week before, a man had gone down the back of his compound where he rarely went. He thought he had heard what sounded like a crying dog from behind a tall backyard fence, but he didn’t think twice about it. It was random, but he’d seen a poster recently and thought he’d let us know – and he didn’t want the reward.
Of course, we investigated straight away. To cut a long story short, our dog was locked in a lady’s concrete back yard, dressed in a brand new collar, with a brand new bed and a tag with a brand new name. The woman and the boy who lived there insisted that the dog was theirs, but we knew our dog! Her feet were bloody and raw from trying to dig her way out of the tiny yard. I’ve never been so happy as when I heard her bark hello, and I could see from the look in her eyes that she knew she had been saved.
I felt so much gratitude to the good Samaritan and his ‘hunch’ that I slipped the reward money he refused to accept under his front door.
Even when everything feels lost, and everyone says there’s no hope, it’s amazing what praying, luck and staying open to miracles can bring about it life.