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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

$15 left... no food... no toilet paper... The very reason that miracles are free.

I love this miracle submitted by JennyRole - it's a classic example of the magic that can overflow naturally into every life moment if we simply ask the Universe to answer us.

One of the situational archetypes involved in making miracles seems to be:
(1) defining a need or focus;
(2) following intuition;
(3) being proactive;
(4) grabbing hold of opportunity; and
(5) recognising and appreciating the miracle when it comes.

Like a vibrational stamp, this story is priceless as a personalised facet of the energy that can be tapped into by us all, and shared via expectation. It's food for other Deliberate Creators.

I was down to $15 left for food and utilities in my bank account and there were so many things that I had just run out of (like food, toilet paper, etc). So no food and no money; I knew I had to come up with something quick but couldn't think of a single thing. Then I felt called to phone my mom, whom I wasn't going to tell my money issue to or ask for money. She asked me unexpectedly if I would write a letter for her that she needed for court. This never happened before. It sounded difficult but I said sure. She emailed me her letter the next morning, it took only 30 minutes to translate, and my mom transferred $150 to my bank account that same afternoon because of it. Not only did I get exactly the amount I needed for food and utilities, but I felt great about the exchange with my mom, and she never had to find out how desperate for money I was at the time. Pride intact.
JennyRole 7/31

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