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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sharing miracles will spread them around...

MIRACLES are called to us by our vibrational offerings. They are beautiful kinks in our everyday reality that give us hints about a grander design that we've yet to learn and have already forgotten.
One of the best things about miracles is how they can come so suddenly! In the continuity of time, we see that our wishes are manifesting constantly in the deepest structure of existence... and it only seems magical to us when they suddenly surface. Miracles are beautiful because they're like the fruit on our personal Trees of Intention and Hope.

I am interested in the tiny...
or life-changing...
or obscure...
or completely magical miracles that happen to everyday people who are willing to share their experiences. I'd love for any of you helpful souls to post news of your miracles on this blog so that your vibrations can be shared with everyone. Big or small. You can do so by commenting at the top of this web page, or by commenting at the bottom of any individual post. Or you can email your news to me for posting at

I'm also interested in any Breaking News of Miracles from around the world...

- and in Historical Miracles that have happened in human history across many cultures.

I'll spread the love by sharing links to your posted miracles on Twitter and in other social media. And once we've gathered many miraculous tales, wouldn't it be great if 'Daily Miracles' are eventually sent out to worldwide subscribers, to remind everyone, every day, that miracles can happen to us all if we expect them to!

I am hoping that this can be a powerful, true and simple way for us all to help contribute positively to Universal Consciousness in our chosen social groups and on our planet.


The Obidee said...

8:17am Saturday 22nd December 2007 is a moment that will be etched in my mind for as long as I live. I had been disturbed from a Saturday morning sleep-in by an incessant knocking on the door. I knew it too early for the Jehovah's Witnesses, so I was ready to tear strips off the young lad next door for disturbing my Saturday morning just so he could get his ball back.

I opened the door quickly and taking a deep breath was about to....when I was stopped in my tracks. Instead of the boy next door, whom I expected, there were two police officers standing before me.

My first thought was someone had complained about the old van that had been parked by the kerb in front of our home for about three weeks. But no...

"Are you...?"
"We here about your son,sir, crash....critical.....expect the worst" That was all I heard.

By this time my wife was by my side. She broke down and I helped her to a chair.

It turned out our son, who was still living at home but who had left for work had aquaplaned his van on the exit ramp from the freeway, hit the kerbing, tipped the van onto its side and slammed into a tree.

The roof of the van's cabin had been twisted down so that it encased our son from the chest up. It had taken an hour and twenty minutes to free him from the wreck.

His best friend, who was in the van with him sustained some internal injuries and was on his way to hospital by ambulance. He was going to be okay

Our son, however, had been critically injured, revived at the scene and evacuated by helicopter to the hospital where he was not expected to survive.

Although there were no physical injuries to speak of, he had sustained severe head injury both from lack of oxygen to the brain from a collapsed lung and the severe shaking he had received in the crash.

"The next forty eight hours are the critical period. If he survives that, he will probably be in a "non-responsive state."

My son, a vegetable at 19 years of age!!! I remember thinking at the time "he'd be better off dead."

Skip over a lot of heart ache, sitting in sterile rooms just waiting, rejoicing at the smallest signs of improvement, rehabilitation that seemed to go on forever, etc.etc. until today.

Our son is a walking, talking miracle. For all intents and purposes he is fully recovered. There is some residual brain damage that he may or may not recover given time, but we are so grateful to have our son alive and well.

Ryan Reynolds said...

I have been studying parrot language for about 15 years. In 2001 I raised a budgie named Victor with a vocabulary of over 2000 words. In the beginning some of his verbalization were very difficult to understand, however over the years I developed a keen understanding of what he was saying. Suddenly it and several other budgies that I was working with began communicating about God and the afterlife. In 2010, I raised another budgie name Maylor who also began communicating in full blown English about God as well. You can see some of the videos at