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Friday, July 31, 2009

Wild lion in Africa hugs and kisses his human friends

Thank you so much to lovepeaceunity for letting me know about this miracle video! Anything that gives a person such beautiful shivers has to be good for the soul!

No-one could need more proof that love is a universal language that can breach any pre-conceived barrier if we let it. And miracles do happen.

lovepeaceunity 7/31

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Universal Source supplies a plumber

Thank you so much to our first miracle posts! It gives a real, soulful buzz to know about all the great things that are happening out there, contrary to the slant of the evening news. Miracles can happen every day, when we expect them, embrace them and share them. They are the personal stories that mean something and are understood on a deeper level.

Sharing miracles with each other is a human sort of alchemy - It takes a personal experience, filters it with belief, mixes it with the divine, and creates from that a banquet of hope and positive energy that is shared with all and never runs out.

Many blessings to you for your contributions.

I had a puddle of water under the kitchen sink and it appeared the leak was coming from the faucet. I'm not a plumber. In the U.S. a plumber charges $150 just to show up. I didn't have the money for a plumber. I was worrying and realized I could ask the Universal Source for help instead. I put a wide pot under the sink where the faucet was to catch the water and looked for the number of a plumber. It was after hours and no plumber was available. When I came back I touched the faucet and stumbled on a loose part. Could this be the problem? I tightened it and problem solved. A minor miracle? Maybe not, but I believe all prayer is answered. Somehow I stumbled on the solution to the problem. Had I involved the plumber that simple solution would have cost me $150 that I didn't have.
Unknown 7/30

Every time my boyfriend and I ask for a miracle it seems to come along. A few months ago we needed $800 to pay for an unexpected phone bill, and we sat in the car trying to come up with a solution. We closed our eyes and asked for a miracle. Under the car seat we found a $10 bill, and we were parked near Rathmines Bowling Club so we thought what the heck, we'll put it into a pokie machine (we usually would never do that because everyone knows pokie machines are set up for the house to win and the human to lose)! A couple of hits, and suddenly there were monkey sounds all through the club - The monkey feature had gone off and won us $820! The attendant said it was the only time he'd ever seen the feature do that. It was also the only time he'd got a $20 tip - and we could barely believe our luck walking out of there with exactly $800 for our bill.
Unknown 7/29

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sharing miracles will spread them around...

MIRACLES are called to us by our vibrational offerings. They are beautiful kinks in our everyday reality that give us hints about a grander design that we've yet to learn and have already forgotten.
One of the best things about miracles is how they can come so suddenly! In the continuity of time, we see that our wishes are manifesting constantly in the deepest structure of existence... and it only seems magical to us when they suddenly surface. Miracles are beautiful because they're like the fruit on our personal Trees of Intention and Hope.

I am interested in the tiny...
or life-changing...
or obscure...
or completely magical miracles that happen to everyday people who are willing to share their experiences. I'd love for any of you helpful souls to post news of your miracles on this blog so that your vibrations can be shared with everyone. Big or small. You can do so by commenting at the top of this web page, or by commenting at the bottom of any individual post. Or you can email your news to me for posting at

I'm also interested in any Breaking News of Miracles from around the world...

- and in Historical Miracles that have happened in human history across many cultures.

I'll spread the love by sharing links to your posted miracles on Twitter and in other social media. And once we've gathered many miraculous tales, wouldn't it be great if 'Daily Miracles' are eventually sent out to worldwide subscribers, to remind everyone, every day, that miracles can happen to us all if we expect them to!

I am hoping that this can be a powerful, true and simple way for us all to help contribute positively to Universal Consciousness in our chosen social groups and on our planet.